One of the many assets that Sapient can have funded or purchased are non-traditional assets that consist of interest in Probate and Trust Estates. We do what banks won’t do. At Sapient Capital Resources we understand that probate administration often takes longer than necessary, and that along the way unexpected financial emergencies may arise, necessitating borrowing against your interest in the probate estate, or contemplating selling your interest so as to deal with an unexpected, significant life event.

At the other end of the spectrum, you may be a trust beneficiary who, in addition to other parties, may be locked into heated and protracted litigation with the trustee or other heirs. These occasions usually take expenditure of capital in order to successfully win the war, not just the battle. You may not want to continue fighting and determine that, ultimately it is cost effective to liquidate your share, as opposed to borrowing funds to fight the war. Whichever course of action you decide to embark upon, we can help either with a Sapient Heir Loan, or a Sapient Cash Advance.

In considering whether to execute a Sapient Heir Loan or a Sapient Cash Advance, you should consider the following:

The first Benefit of a Sapient Cash Advance over a Sapient Heir Loan is that there are never any monthly payments. Once you receive your Sapient Cash Advance, we work directly with the estate attorney and probate court to be repaid. As we all know, loans come with monthly payments that require you to make confusing payments each and every month yourself.

The second major benefit of a Sapient Cash Advance over a traditional loan is that there is no floating rate interest to pay. Instead of a fluctuating interest rate, that often results in a higher A.P.R. because servicing and other expenses, including margins, are constantly being adjusted; We eliminate this confusion by offering a market competitive discount fee. This amount is calculated and agreed upon with you before any documents are ever signed.

Lastly, and most important, a Sapient Cash Advance is neither driven by nor based on your credit score, or whether you have a job. Quite frankly, we don’t care about your credit rating. Our Sapient Cash Advance clients consist of individuals with perfect credit, bad credit, no credit and all in-between. Our guaranteed lowest price stays the same no matter what your credit score is, period.