Corporate Finance

Sapient proudly provides funding access to numerous industries. Following is an overview of what Sapient can do for your company’s capital needs:


Many industries are not point of sales business. As such, cash flow of the business is often tied to accounts receivables or invoices being paid promptly. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) recognizes that a company can be profitable, yet at the same time have terrible cash flow. Unfortunately, prompt pay is often not the norm in the construction, aviation, apparel and manufacturing industries. Accordingly, many business owners in these industries are often faced with delaying their obligations to employees, and usually encounter missed opportunities because of lack of access to capital. Those days are over!

At Sapient Capital Resources, not only are we able to provide you with access to capital, we are able to go beyond the maximum 90 day aging limitation required by most banks and funding companies. To that end, we are well positioned to tailor a funding option that best fit both the capital and market needs of your company.


It is axiomatic that Cash Is King. Business owners of retail stores or restaurants uniquely enjoy point-of-sale payments in real time, thereby giving said business immediate and predictable cash flow. However, there are times when normal monthly volume sales are not enough to meet certain unexpected expenses or opportunities. When those events occur know that you have a resource you can call on. Sapient Capital Resources.

In addition to offering traditional funding options and strategies to business owners, Sapient Capital Resources can provide Merchant Cash Advances to businesses that predominantly receive payment by point-of-sale/credit card transactions.


Through our funding relationships Sapient can provide experienced developers of significant projects with access to debt capital up to $10,000,000. Call us today and find out more about how we can privately underwrite your next project.


We do what banks won’t do. Many businesses are constrained by a protracted pay cycle that constantly keeps their cash flow stretched too thin to meet obligations, let alone pursue new opportunities. Accordingly, many companies seek receivables purchasing solutions.